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Rum Symposium Amsterdam & Slijterij & Wijnhuis Zeewijck Present


Extensive Rum Course


Through 6 separate sessions spanning 6 weeks, you will be guided deep in to the world of rum. We will start with some basics, including how we experience taste and approaches to tasting spirits, as well as delve in to the history of rum and learn about how it is produced. From there we will have focused sessions on different styles of rum and taste our way through “Funky” Jamaicans and Grassy Agicoles, among many others. We will also get an in depth look at new and exciting rums that are being produced around the world. Finally, we will go on a journey with the British Royal Navy and learn about the myths surrounding Rum and pirates as well as traditions of blending rum.

€177 for all 6 Sessions

The course sessions will be held at 20:00 on Tuesdays or Thursdays for 6 consecutive weeks.

Sessions available on Tuesdays & Thursdays - you choose your day from week-to-week for maximum flexibility

Current Available Courses:


6 Interactive Sessions with 6 x 30ml Samples per Session (36 Samples in Total!)

Over 8 hours of Live Interactive Online Seminars

10% Discount on all Rums available at Zeewijck Slijterij & Wijnhuis

This Package Includes

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