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Nikos Arvanitis

Nikos Arvanitis has been working as a bartender since 2006. Rum is his passion and his desire to understand it lead him to the Caribbean. Living in Barbados and using this island as his base, he has visited more than 30 islands of the tropical zone in the “West Indies” and over 45 distilleries and sugarcane fields, both active and inactive. His journey is still ongoing, and will soon be reflected on paper with the title “From the West Indies to the World”.

Nikos, through his travels and speeches, aims to spread knowledge of the traditional production process of Rum and the culture of the people of tropic zone.

#for_the_people is the name of his new project, including photos, thoughts and memories from the communities and the small villages all over the world who he was/is living for his rum research (Caribbean sea, Asia, Africa).

He is member of Authentic Producers Rum Association, judges in jury panels and instructs rum presentations across the European Rum Festivals (Berlin, Paris, Poland, Greece etc.) and bar shows. Nikos is also a rum instructor in Bar Academy Hellas and is an active bartender in Paris.

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