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I started in the world of wine tasting around 2006. These tastings were always blinded, so you had to work on finding and building a repertoire of a broad range of descriptors in order to piece together what you had in your glass...So when it comes to smell and flavour description, I’ve been doing it for quite a few years. In 2015, my interest in rum was sparked and since then I have thrown myself deep in to the world of this amazing spirit and wonderful people.

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1423 Single Barrel Selection - Denmark 2014 (4 yo) - 50.6% abv.

Updated: Dec 27, 2018

Rum-Review-A-Day: Day 23 - 1423 Single Barrel Selection - Denmark 2014 (4 yo) - 50.6% abv.

Yet another S.B.S. from 1423 in Denmark. Today, however, the actual distillate that we are drinking also hails from the land of the Danes and has been distilled at Enghaven Distillery in Northern Denmark. The distillery was founded in 2007 and started its first spirit production in 2008. They do also produce other spirits including whisky, gin and vodka, however they seem to take pride in their rum making and are involved in every step of the process from farm to bottle. Their cane harvesting and molasses production is surprisingly (or unsurprisingly, considering its top spot in world-wide cane production) based in Brazil. Following distillation in a column still, this rum spent a full 4 continental years in ex-Port casks before being bottled at cask strength of 50.6% abv. with a total yield of 239 bottles.

On the nose - It doesn’t take long to understand that this rum has spent time in Port casks. Fruits are up-front and powerful. Full of rich prunes, raisins and black cherries. A slight sweetness that goes along with some redder fruits - ripe strawberries and raspberries. The nose is almost makes me think that I am sniffing an abnormally high-proof port wine rather than rum. The wood notes are also present, although having not spent any time in ex-bourbon barrels, nor virgin oak, it is quite a different profile than we rum drinkers are used to. Here the wood is firstly, very dank. Think waterlogged beach wood. Then on top of that, there is something very malty about the wood notes I get here, accompanied by slightly sour notes; this gives it an almost fruity whisky-like feel (could possibly also be due to its young age). A fair amount of nuttiness; chestnuts and walnuts. Typical wood notes such as vanilla, chocolate, tobacco, are pretty much completely absent. Perhaps hints of leather and a whiff of smokey charcoal. This one is different, folks…Let’s see how she tastes.

On the palate - Red fruit explosion! Overripe plums, sweet sticky prunes and figs. Tart cherries and freshly picked raspberries. Bruised red apples and apricots. All of these fruits give the rum (*I almost wrote wine*) a sweet taste that reminds me of a dark fruity jam that would go nicely with a piece of blue cheese. As I said on the nose, it tastes pretty much like high-abv. Port wine…Just with some added burnt sugar and molasses. I do get a bit of vanilla notes on the palate, although very subtle. Same with dark chocolate. Spices are also quite subdued here with only mild hints of cloves and perhaps some liquorice/star anise. Slight earthy charcoal notes give it a hint of minerality, although there is less smoke on the palate than I was expecting from the nose. I actually find it hard to go deeper with more notes than I have described, as all I keep coming back to with every sip is the amount of red fruit!

The mouth feel is slightly oily, and warm. Just the right amount of heat, so I am very pleased that the product wasn’t higher in abv. The finish is long…It starts with fruits and ends with fruits, and there are some strange woody things that happen in between. The starting fruits are a bit darker and aged, with emphasis on the plums and prunes, but this rum leaves you with a delightfully fresh and slightly sour taste of raspberries that make you want more.

VERY different rum. For those of you who like an abundance of Port-“finish” in your rum, this will likely be your kind of juice. If you find that Port finishes often a little overpowering (I know quite a few who are of this opinion), I suggest you stay away from this one.

For me, I like it. Something new. Something unique.

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