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Rum Symposium Amsterdam & Slijterij & Wijnhuis Zeewijck Present

Single Tasting Sessions

Select a single session that is right for you

The tasting sessions will be held at 20:00 on the evenings of the events.

Each session is available on multiple dates - buy a session and choose later which date works best for you.

Current Scheduled Sessions:


This session will focus on how to approach tasting spirits and how we experience and describe different flavours & aromas. We will introduce a background on rum production and how the different congeners that we experience when we taste are formed. We will discuss these topics while experiencing a variety of Rum styles that display the complexity of this wonderful spirit category.


Session 2: A Brief History of Rum

In this session participants will learn about how rum production in the Caribbean came to be and the reason why different islands developed different methods of production. This session will cover a variety of different rum styles including Jamaican, Barbados, aged and unaged Agricoles as well as introduce the idea behind blending rum.

Session 1: How & What Do We Taste?


Each Tasting Includes:

6 x 30ml Samples

60 Minute Live Interactive Online Seminar

10% Discount on all Rums available at Slijterij & Wijnhuis Zeewijck

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